Our top 4 hat gifts for Her this Christmas!

November 10 2013

It's about that time now... Christmas will be around the corner and you know you have to get organised with your presents. 

We thought it might be helpful to recommend our top choices for sweet little presents that will be unique, beautifully made, and will make this Christmas pretty special.

The Cap

Our Patchwork Cap is a great all-season standard, and with the lovely knitted patchwork design, it'll go with any colour, and any style. it's warm, it's great to travel with (go ahead and throw it in your bag, we promise it won't crush or crease!), and it's totally on-trend with the latest caps, but with a feminine twist!


The Beret

Our classic, perennial favourite and best-seller is the beret. Knitted or traditional, you can't go wrong with a beret in any colour, really. It fits any face shape, it suits a dressy event, a retro style or just with jeans and a jumper. Perfect for winter because the wool is nice and cozy, it's the perfect hat to roll up and put in her Christmas stocking.



The Trilby

Trilbys are a great way to wear something different in winter. If you're tired of knit hats and want a change, this is the way to do it. Soft felt, a bright colour that pops in the grey weather, and a great shape to suit most faces.


The Knitted Pull-On

Good old reliable, the knitted hat. You always end up reaching for this when the cold is too much to bear. Soft, deliciously warm, chunky material, and goes with every single thing in your winter closet. With or without a bobble, this is another of our best-sellers.