Fashion Week fix... plus 20% off your shopping!

September 24 2015

source: Daniel Leal Olivas/PA


Incredibly, London Fashion Week has already come and gone, but we saw some incredible hats that will definitely stay in our minds for a while. 

Colour exploded on the streets with so many people wearing amazing designs, avant-garde statement headwear and classic pieces. 

What's amazing about Fashion Week is that during that period, all rules go out the window. Everyone seems to adopt a "go for it" attitude and embrace self-expression to its utmost degree. Some adopt a classic stance, whilst others go farther:


Source: Daniel Leal Olivas/PA

We feel that hats are always a great way to start a conversation- because let's be honest, you can be wearing all black, but if you perch a bright red trilby on your head, or a blueberry coloured beret, it'll catch someone's eye. And it conveys a sense that hey, you took a chance and you're willing to be glanced at with curiosity. There's nothing wrong with an accessory that has a cheeky style, and we're willing to bet that if you try on something that you never thought you'd wear, you might surprise yourself. 

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Happy shopping!

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