Fall hats: try a classic trilby or fedora

September 26 2015

Source: Popsugar


With colder months just around the corner, we all take stock of the hats that we can wear on a daily basis. Most of the time, knit beanies and knitted bobble hats are the best/safest options, right? Maybe even a bright coloured beret? But hang on... there are SO many other options that you can wear, and you don't have to be a "hat person" (well, we think that everyone can be a hat person, let's be honest).

We all have our favourite, go-to hat to pull on when we race out the door. Some people go for the glamorous fur hat, some go for a simple knit headband. We were looking around for inspiration and we found this beauty, from the company Larose Paris. It's a stunning wool fedora with a simple silhouette and comes in very wearable colours online:

Source: Hypebeast

And most importantly, the thing to keep in mind is that a fedora, or trilby, is a unisex style. In the past, it was commonly thought of as a "man's" kind of style, but more and more women are realising that it's a fantastically simple accessory that adds maximum impact to pretty much any outfit.