Enola: turning a turban into a necessary accessory

October 07 2015
So, a turban can be pretty handy for those "I don't want hat hair" hair days. It can turn jeans and a t-shirt into a retro/rockabilly outfit. It can warm your ears on a cold day, and it can get the hair out of your face. 

But Liverpool hat designer Enola Wade, from Enola Rose Designs, takes it one step further, and makes a worthy cause out of it.

Source: Liverpool Echo

Mum of one Enola started out making turbans for her own personal style. Then her clever designs started getting noticed, and a lot of women approached her to ask if she did turbans for hair loss. 

“I couldn’t believe how many women started asking me whether I did full turbans for hairloss,” she explains. “They were either having cancer treatment, had alopecia or they’d had operations where they needed to cover part of their head.”

Enola, who creates collections under the label Enola Rose Designs, has been selling her trademark vintage-inspired headwear to Scouse girls since she opened her first shop in Quiggins.

A graduate in millinery from Liverpool Community College Arts Centre, she started her business after daughter Lola - now seven - was born.

She has a list of clients that have specific requests on how they want their turban to look, some flamboyant, some classic and understated, and she tries to support all of them in their journey to look their best and feel confident and empowered.

It's an amazing story of a strong businesswoman supporting other women by using fantastic headwear. A fashionable mum boss!