Taking on the adventure. Head first.

October 09 2012

So we’ve got past that “shall we give this a go?” stage which we’ve been mulling within for the last year or so wondering if we might stumble upon a good reason (or excuse) not to do it.

Well we can’t find one reason not to do this. The fear and the excitement start bubbling.

We have a good idea, a good few people to bring it to life, and life’s too short to ever regret not trying something. You don’t fail if you try.

Our initial progress? Well…

- we’ve almost got a completed business plan

- we’ve got some social tools up and running. And these days we all know how necessary that is.

- have kick-off business meeting at 8pm on a Saturday

- bring two bottles of nice Rioja to kick-off the meeting

- do initial stock candidate list

- whittle down the list to 15 for launch (not easy, considering we love every design)

- brief out web build to a few good people

- set up registered company, shareholdings and legal (getting there)

This blog will hopefully detail the journey from growing up in the backroom of a shop (the founder), making a name for / fool of myself in advertising for 15 years (the founder and his partner) via an idea around the kitchen table to building a global retail platform. Enjoy.

More soon…