Nice package. Ahem.

October 09 2012

This week Shappos attended the EcoPack packaging trade show in Birmingham looking for some inspiration into how to get the things that people want to the people that want them, but in a remarkable and rewarding way. I was hoping to find something exciting, fun and delicious.

Turns out that EcoPack is a slightly misleading name for the show because at least 80% of the exhibitors were in the (decidedly un-eco) plastic business, showing food packaging and shampoo bottles.

The next 9% sold large cardboard boxes or machines that pack large cardboard boxes.

The remainder 1% were maybe interesting to us and I met a few very nice people who were gracious enough to indulge and entertain this packaging newbie. Timelines and delivery quantities will largely dictate how we go with packaging but Miss A is developing a nice branding and visual identity which gives our packaging some direction and personality.

Some of the good companies doing interesting or eco-packaging I found include:

El Carmen (

Sirane (

BioBag (

Papillon Ribbons (

Clearly this was not the best trade show for us, there must be fashion retail packaging or specific mail order show coming up. Will make a beeline for those instead…