Shappos progress: Update 3 (How to make things delicious)

October 09 2012

Today we ironed out a few of the little tech glitches that were preventing activating the email addresses. This means the backlog of little reach out notes to various potential suppliers started going out today from a proper email address, which is what we were waiting for. Back in the 1980s when our parents did this first time around was it less complicated because of lack of digital technology or more complicated?

So, our launch email address team[at]shappos[dot]com is now active. Addresses for the rest of the team will go live in a month, once we have gone public with plans.

In the coming month we will:

- approve a web-build

- decide on launch stock and place orders

- spend a rather large amount of money in a rather short space of time

- shift into marketing mode and prepare the process for accepting and fulfilling orders in a remarkable way

An addition on packaging….we have decided it must be ‘delicious and delightful to all 5 senses’. It doesn’t need to be overly-indulgent. And absolutely NO shredded tissue paper. It should be wonderful, proper and simple.