Shappos progress: Update 4 (The Strides of March…)

October 09 2012

It’s been a busy month just gone which has flown by. Sometimes decisions that have to be made take longer than you think. But we’re getting there.

We’ve decided to plan out this business really thoroughly. Whilst our instinct and experience tells us that the opportunity is strong and we have a keen feel on what the company should be like, we took the time for each of the directors (who know each other very well already) to commit to paper their vision for the company, our customers and our commitment to our customers.

So now that is done we’ve had meetings with our accountants and decided how to structure the business and also how much investment it requires. We’re soft launching it to an extent so we’ll look to minimise the risk but at the same time still try not to let caution inhibit the experience for customers. We need a decent range, good quality, well finished and well packaged and presented. That takes some serious consideration and reasonable funding.

Today we agreed on an ‘in principle’ range and costed it out based on the possible stock levels required for launch. We’ve got a pretty amazing launch range; a comprehensive mix of styles and prices and a good blend of contemporary and classic. Plus some really exciting design pieces in there. Feels like a strong range and we’ll learn a lot from that without hopefully risking too much at the beginning.

We like that it covers a lot of different kinds of customer but feels true to our stylish urban woman core customer, and it’s definitely a fashion-driven collection but with some accessible pieces around it to provide some volume and momentum. A very exciting and important step forward.

We’ve also got to a place where we can soon make a decision about web build, time is ticking on this. Really need to approve the project in the next couple of weeks so we need to agree the route to go down with the rest of the team. We’ve also got close to the visual identity which we need to finish off this soon. Whew.

Watch this space…