Coming to a website near you…! Just needs some tweaking

October 09 2012

Yes- we have a blog, but we haven’t been writing. Shame on us. But we’ve been very busy over here, and April and May were hard to navigate through. We had to iron out technical difficulties, team difficulties… it’s hard to explain how to lift up a business by its bootstraps and get it going. But we did it. We’re here. And we’re on a mission now . If we’re not knee-deep in website coding, then our brains are stuffed with a rainbow of colour trends. Oh, and then there’s the mountains of stock to swim through…the list goes on!

So, let’s talk. It’s September, and here at Shappos HQ we are dreaming of blue water and sandy beaches whilst trying on wool fedoras. September and winterhats sounds a bit odd, right? That’s almost like Christmas shopping in June. But the pace of fashion is such that summer is the time to dream of winter. It’s a challenge, and we never say no to a challenge.

We’ve been asked many times “where’s the logo, then?” Well, the lovely hardworking team at Carabiner Design are just now fine-tuning our visual identity, colour palette and font families. They’ve come up with a solid idea and an elegant look, and we’re really excited for the final reveal.

Oh, and the question we do love:” where do I buy stuff?” Well, that is being organised by our friends at Shine who are putting our website together. Patience, we are learning, is a virtue. But we can’t help but want to start selling lovely items to you!

We’re hoping that by this autumn, we’re going to launch our dazzling and cozy winter styles, and see what people like and don’t like (that means you there), what people want, what people need, and what will make them smile and look very cool (and warm at the same time).

All we want is for people to love what they wear. All of us at Shappos have a lot of experience in fashion, in different areas. A few of us have been in the business for 30 years. Some of us speak fashion from a stylist’s perspective. And some from editorial. And above all, we believe that the most important thing is to reach people.

When you’re on a journey to find that one special thing, we want it to be easy for you to say “I love it!”. That’s what we’re here for. Hats should be fun.

We’ll post pictures soon that will help narrate our adventure. Hopefully we’ll be on here a bit more frequently so we can share many fun stories with you all.

We can make it, but it’s you all that will make it great- and without you, who would wear all of these amazing hats?!

Roll on winter. Stay tuned…