Shappos + LFW = Happy

October 09 2012

A few weeks ago, Shappos was feeling the brisk sunshine at Somerset House, at the opening of London Fashion Week, one of the most electrifying events in the world. We’re counting down the days to our own launch soon, and we needed some inspiration. And boy, did we get some. We saw bowlers, felt pillboxes, fur hats, architectural pieces, bright colours, delicious berets and embellished caps … all atop happy and excited faces. We spent time chatting to seasoned designers, up and coming designers and old friends in the business. It was a good way to spend the day.

What we’re excited about, when it comes to hats, is not only connecting people with fantastic pieces from all over the world, but for people to love the experience. Why go shopping for a hat if you feel stressed out and overwhelmed because you don’t what suits you or what you’re looking for? Loving your accessories is the thing- a hat will make an outfit. You can put on a faded tshirt, brogues and jeans, but add a flick of your trilby and you’re ready to walk down the shops (or as we at Shappos HQ like to say… the pavement is your personal catwalk.).

Now it’s back to the business of sorting through our To-Do list, and making sure that we have enough caffeine to get through the next 2 months before launching. A lot of progress has been made: the website is almost complete (hurray!), we’re still waiting on a few more pieces of stock to be delivered to photograph (grrr.), and we’re attending a few more shows and events coming up so that we can keep you all posted on the latest and most fascinating bits of the headwear world.

Back soon!