Tuesday is the new (Black) Friday

November 24 2015



So, here's a thing: did you all know that Black Friday got its origins in the 1950s when people had a habit of calling in sick to the office in order to get 4 consecutive days off? Pretty smart, if you ask us. 

But it eventually turned into a popular term (thanks to a newspaper journalist in Philadelphia) that referred to all the mayhem and traffic caused by shoppers hunting for bargains in the two days after Thanksgiving. We're all for a deal... but wow. This is slightly nuts. 

Why not do your shopping in your pyjamas with a cup of tea, sat in a comfortable chair right in front of your computer? Sound good? Read on. 

Shappos is having a HUGE sale on our winter knits because we're happy to report that we've had lots of customers knocking down our door trying to get the last of our berets, beaniesknit hats and caps.

There aren't many left, so use BLACKFRIDAY as a code to get 25% off your order- until Sunday! 


Happy shopping!