Easing the freezing...!

December 01 2012

Mum was right- we lose loads of body heat through our heads. But we still forget to wear our hats! Winter is upon us, and the UK has just been hit by the first really cold snap of the season, the annual time when we scramble into the backs of drawers and cupboards for our old wooly hats. 

Maybe this is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a hat you don't feel like dumping in a dusty drawer; one that looks cool and that you'll love wearing against the biting cold. 

Here at Shappos HQ we wear hats every day no matter the weather, and we have so many great styles to choose from. Tom seems to be permanently attached to the Daniel Tweed and wears that daily on his commute. When not wearing her navy Becks Weekender Tet is getting very excited by the new wooly range we're just adding this weekend. We may have difficulty prying these off of her...

All of these are beautifully finished, made in UK, of pure wool and available in some great winter colours. 

Grab one while stocks last... and get outside and finally enjoy that weather.