The Forecast

December 01 2012

Heavy snow in Russia, icy temperatures and first snowfalls in many countries across Europe... looks like it might be a white Christmas. 

Here a Shappos HQ, we love a bitter wind and a frosty morning. We actually don't mind scraping the windscreen each day and navigating slippery pavements. It might sound odd, but it's only because we're prepared to face the cold with a great range of winter hats. Just because it's cold, doesn't mean you can't pull of a bit of style. 

These soft cashmere and wool scarves are great to wrap up in...

And these turbans are great for keeping your ears warm and avoiding possible hat-hair:

Gents, we haven't forgotten about you... these trilbys and caps are warm, fantastic quality, and a stylish look to contrast the daily wooly knit:

Keep the cold away with style!