The Oscars: Great outfits, but historically no hats...

February 04 2013

Being interested in fashion and trends here at Shappos, we religiously watch the Oscars. It would be much more satisfying watching it as it happens, but being in the UK, we get the fashion breadcrumbs the day after it all happens. And we love seeing new dress trends, new colours, new accessories. we try and see if anyone makes any daring fashion choices, stays safe, or goes completely nuts. But what we can't understand is.... why are there no hats? 

There was a very memorable year when Celine Dion threw on a backwards suit and expansive fedora... and there was another year where Cher did her own personal shrine to ~Bob Mackie in one dress, complete with crazy-bird headdress. But otherwise, we haven't seen one since. 

Is it a British thing? Is it just for weddings and super formal occasions and the occasional fancy dress party? To be fair, we haven't spied any hats at the BAFTAs either, so it could be simply that the event wouldn't be appropriate to showcase a hat and hide hair that took 5 hours to style. 

We do understand that a hat would take away from an outfit at the Oscars potentially.. and maybe that's a fair point to consider: a hat contains its own story and personality, and would therefore probably detract from the hair, the jewels the dress. What an amazing thing. No other accessory can boast that kind of quality, really. And no one wants to be brave enough to figure out how to wear a hat without the hat "wearing" the owner (perfect example of that is Sarah Jessica Parker's attempt to pull that off at the SATC movie premiere in London. Amazing hat. She didn't know how to wear it, though.). 

So, although events like these are beautiful for all the sparkly and floaty dresses and jewels, it would be so fantastic to see someone wear a headpiece this year. That kind of "I don't care what people do, I'll be different and take a chance" attitude should win its own award. Come on, Year of Hats. Show us what you've got.