AW13 report from New York Fashion Week: Thrilling, but very few hats.

February 15 2013

NYFW got off to a cozy and elegant start- with beautiful designs. The silhouettes were streamlined and classic, with high necklines, black and navy details and a modern take on 60s inspired attitude. The attitude was very old school stand-out glamour, but without any big embellishments or in-your-face extravagance. 

Jenny Packham (one of the Duchess of Cambridge's favourites), Vera Wang and Tory Burch debuted beautiful designs, rich and cozy colours, and simple side-parts for the models' hair. 

But...hats? We were expecting, at least with these kind of designs, that there would be a handful of fedoras, graceful little pillboxes and cozy knits. Nope. 

However.... we did find someone who had luscious knitted pull-ons atop tall models wearing stunning structured dresses. 


Victoria Beckham. 

Yes, for her SS13 show, she had her typical streamlined style accented with high-crowned fedoras. This time around, for AW13, she championed the great, simple knitted hat to be worn with elegant dresses, skirts and belted sweaters. And the hat wasn't your average winter beanie, it was a chunky, luscious and generous knit with a relaxed, easy and striking shape. 

Queen Victoria indeed. Roll on more hat-wearing in 2013, everyone. Time to give the hat its stage.