Shappos Spring 2013 photo shoot - behind the scenes

February 24 2013

This weekend we completed a busy seasonal photo-shoot for our Spring 2013 headwear range. 

Actually this was a mix of some of the more lightweight styles from the winter range plus a few of the new summer styles that have arrived so far. The photography will be used on the site product pages mainly (where currently a notable absence of real people wearing hats is a little niggle we've been intending to address!). 

It is still really cold outside at the end of February so we cranked up the heating (and likewise the music), set up in our Shappos studio and had a whole day to capture the current seasonal styles. 

With each outfit change we also used Vine to capture some product video which we posted live onto Vine and Twitter but then also today we edited these with Shappos branding to sit on our YouTube channel and into our product pages

Here we take a look behind the scenes of the day.


Rory setting up

Rory setting up - one lamp to light the background, one on the model.

Keely adding the finishing touches to Stephanie's make-up

More hairspray and serum...

  Jono in the frame

Stephanie wearing the new Georgia straw sunhat in white


Rory in flow, 2013

We'll have the new products and images up on the site shortly, thanks to everyone who made it such a success and a fun afternoon. 

Photography: Rory Lindsay

Makeup Artist, Hair & Styling: Keely Mangham 

Models: Stephanie Lewis and Jono Molloy 

Clothes: models own

Here's a little glimpse of Stephanie in the YouTube videos, wearing the Retro Daisy