Not sure which hat to buy? Here are the 4 classic hats everyone should own.

January 27 2016

Hats can be tough to figure out initially. Are you a hat person? Which hat suits your face shape? Not sure which hat to choose? Which are classics that are not only "user-friendly" but that go with everything in your wardrobe? Not to worry. Here we've listed the top 4 hats that you would want to have in your wardrobe, that suit any face shape:

Fedora or trilby:

This shape isn't huge and floppy, which means it avoids the "boho" trends that come and go. It's a classic shape that suits any face shape, great with hair up or down, for men or women. Also, with a fedora, you can go a muted colour like a burgundy, or grey or black... or to make more of a statement without going crazy, you can choose a colour like red, or blue. 

 Womens grey fedora trilby red stitching-


Mens grey fedora trilby


*Note: Men, if you're not sure about a trilby, you can replace it with a Cap instead:

A tweed cap isn't seasonal, suits everyone from Men and Women to kids, and if you get a nice quality wool tweed cap, it'll last for ages. 

Mens wool tweed Irish tweed cap




Wool berets will always be a standard for both men and women. They're reasonably priced and great quality, so you can get a handful of different colours. They're extremely wearable with anything, great in every season except a warm summer's day, and never go out of style. 


Womens clue beret


Womens blue alpaca wool knit beret


Beanie knit hat:

Another unisex style, a substantial knit hat is a great piece to have for fall/winter. You only really need one or two.. a bobble and a pull-on. Both add a sense of "fun" to an outfit but are also extremely practical. 

Mens and Womens knit pull on beanie hat


Womens and Mens knit beanie hat 

Pillbox or fascinator:

For women, it's essential to have a hat that you can wear to weddings, summer parties, formal events that require a dress code. A pillbox is a bit more ladylike, whereas a fascinator can be a younger, more flirty look, depending on the occasion. Both styles are very easy to wear, great for any face shape, and you can choose the level of "wow", as the hats can be small and dainty or voluminous and embellished. It's all what you're comfortable wearing. 


Womens yellow pillbox hat with flower-


Womens pink tulle fascinator hat heatband