Bored of winter clothes? Here's how to get creative with the pieces you already own...

January 29 2016

So, we're all a bit bored of winter by now. Cold weather (depending on where you live), grey skies, blustery winds, rain... just generally a mix of monotony. It's that weird limbo in the season that makes us want to reach for the same jumper and leggings and hide under a voluminous parka.

But, wait. If you walk into your closet, we bet that you already own a few key pieces that would help you get creative with your look. You may only need to buy one (we're betting a hat...!) or maybe two things to add to what you already own, which is super easy. 

Let's start with the things we're pretty sure you already have:


1. The white shirt:

A classic piece that you should have in your wardrobe. Goes with everything, great for any look, and is never trendy. It should have a narrow silhouette, never tight. 

 Womens white cotton tailored shirt

2. Jeans:

You probably have lots of different jeans, so we'll just pick the standard classic: blue denim, slightly faded. Great silhouette, not too tight. If you can get away with not wearing boots, roll up the jeans by the ankle to go for a slight "rockabilly" look.  

Paide Denim faded blue denim jeans- womens jeans
Paige Denim jeans:


 3. Shoes:

Silver brogues are heralding Spring. Metallics have been seen on the runways in Paris and London.. and now flat shoes have shiny, happy colours. Silver brogues are pretty universal in their look, and add a bit of fun to a muted wardrobe, especially in winter. And no one wants bare ankles, so add a fun pair of shimmery socks, or black ones:

Silver brogues womens shoes
Mark McNairy Country Brogue


Zara Womens socks


4. Patterned shawl/scarf:

Take the craziest patterned scarf you have and throw it on. Why not? You need it anyway, so you may as well add a bit of personality.

Womens and Mens patterned scarf



5. Hat:

Last, but certainly never least, the hat. What's extraordinary is that the outfit above lends itself to ANY hat. A navy beret, a men's tweed cap, a knit beanie. We're picking a grey fedora with red stitching to go with this. Finish all this off with an overcoat, and you're good to go. 


Womens grey felt fedora trilby