Spring weddings coming up? We've got a hat for that.

April 08 2013

The weather is sunnier, invitations are starting to pop up here and there. It's a bit tough: What do you wear? How do you wear it? How do you choose a hat that isn't something 20 other people will be wearing because it's from the same high street shop?

We know the feeling.  And we have a selection of hats that are really easy to wear and will always be different than another person's. 

The first question to ask is: What's the dress code? Evening or daytime affair? Is the couple relaxed about it or are they very particular about tradition? 

If the dress code is slightly rock and roll, a bit more daring, we'd suggest a pillbox that has it's own personality. A slight twist on a classic:

If it's going to be a slightly more formal event, but not hugely fancy, then a sweet little fascinator or a pillbox would do the trick:

Will the wedding be in a rural location? Still a bit on the chilly side? A sweet tweedy twist on a classic pillbox would do:

Will it be a more formal do? Black tie? Extraordinary venue? Ahh, well then go for something spectacular:

There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to wearing hats to weddings, but it's ideal to wear something with style, that looks great, but that doesn't upstage the bride, obviously. Also, with these hats, jewellery can be understated because it's the hat that will make a statement, not necessarily the bling. Simple earrings, a great chunky ring and bracelet, and a clutch. Less it more when you have one great accessory. 

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