Autumn/Winter 2013: The best hats for the colder months!

September 15 2013

Here at Shappos HQ we're getting very excited. 

Granted, the summer is now over, which makes us a little sad... but looking at the stock of lovely, cozy hats overflowing on our desks, we can't help but look forward to the chill in the air. 

We're predicting a handful of favourites this season, for warmth and style and reasonable price. There's a cozy hat for everyone, we think, and a whole lot of style to boost.. autumn 2013 is the season to herald the hat!

1. The Wool Knitted Turban

This lovely, soft Maisy Turban is a knitted ladies turban, perfect for when you can't decide whether to wear a hat or a headband or a head scarf. It has a simple, classic and very ladylike design, and doesn't create "hat head" either! 

2. The Wool Felt Trilby

The great thing about a wool felt trilby is that it makes a pretty powerful statement without being an impossible hat to wear. It's warm, it's a very casually dressy look, and it's a style that never disappears. Choose from our men's trilby or ladies trilby collections... you're bound to find one style that suits you best in the winter!

3. The Spiked Pillbox

A great new trend for 2013, the ladies Liberty Spike pillbox is a fun way to spice up a dressy outfit (or complete a steampunk look!). A felt pillbox is always sturdy, keeps its shape, has a ladylike silhouette, and is a great hat to have when you want something unique and unlike anyone else's hat.

4. The Black Bowler Hat

A perennially classic shape, the ladies black bowler hat (we saw a lovely one from Armani) is a great hat if you want to have a retro look. It works with any face shape, many styles, and the black colour will suit any kind of coloured or patterned accessories and jewellery. At any age, the black bowler hat is a great hat for autumn and winter: to the office, to lunch or to the park.