Patchwork patterns: the newest and coolest trend for a hat!

September 15 2013

Caps are always a great classic hat to reach for when you want a familiar look.

However, there is a great new trend for autumn-winter 2013 fashion this year... and it pairs the traditional cap with fantastic knit patterns. We aren't talking about your grandmother's quilt, this is a fantastic and eclectic trend that has been hitting a lot of different areas of fashion- hats, skirts, shirts and coats. 

We're proud to say that we have a cap that celebrates just that- the ladies Patchwork Cap- a cap that has a lot of different combinations of knitted patterns and lovely colours! 

It's a very eye-catching cap made in Japan, and a perfect hat for wearing in the colder months. It's cozy, and with so many soft knitted patterns on one cap, it can go with just about any casual outfit!