How to store your hat properly

The easiest thing to do is store your hat in a dry room, away from sunlight and in the original box and packaging that it came in. Very simple, and very effective. That is why we supply all Shappos products in packaging suitable for long-term storage. 

Be sure to store your hat either in the box that it came in or in a spot that is away from sunlight. Never store a hat sitting on its brim as this will affect its shape, pack up some tissue or plain paper into a ball and sit the hat on it, raised up so the brim is not touching the table or shelf. If you wear a summer and a winter hat and know that you won't wear a straw hat for some months during the winter, the take the time to store it carefully. Don't let the dust get to it. 

At Shappos we use acid free packaging but we supply a polybag with all orders to protect delicate materials. If storing your hat for a long time, put it back in its plastic bag to protect from moisture and any acid there may be in your storage materials.

Why do I need to know how to store a hat?

It's important to know how to store hats, especially if you have a lot of them. As hats are supposed to be shaped in a certain way on your head, any crimping or serious bending can damage or even ruin a hat. That's why, when you are taking a hat on a trip, you will have to wear or take it in some sort of special storage device. So, when it comes to storing a hat, specific things must be done so that it remains in the right shape and condition.


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Some storage options and ideas: 


Hat Boxes

A large box, like the one that we supply with your order, which a hat fits inside entirely, is a perfect way to store a hat in your closet, as you can set lighter items on top of it. This keeps the hat dry, away from sunlight and away from any other items that might dent and crush it.

Hat Drums

Shaped like plastic cases you store drums in, hat drums are used to store and protect different types and sizes of hats. These drums are relatively bulky, but are good to replace those hat boxes that have begun piling up if you happen to have a lot of hats. You can store them in your closet or some storage area and they won't be susceptible to weather or bugs due to their plastic outside. This also makes them relatively durable and safe to ship. However, they are also a bit more expensive to purchase, as they actually have to be manufactured for this specific purpose of storing hats. 

Vintage Hat Boxes

Vintage hat boxes are round boxes with a zipper in the middle. They often have vinyl on the outsides of them and some sort of pattern sewn on the inside, making them like a comfortable old-fashioned place to store your cap with a brim. They are ideal for travelling. Due to all of these extra features, however, these vintage hat boxes are relatively expensive to own, meaning you have to be a serious collector of vintage hat boxes or a lucky recipient of a family heirloom from a hat lover!


You can also designate a shelf in your closet or bedroom for all of your hats, lined up in a row, so that you can easily choose from them and they can be properly displayed for everyone to see. This is a more modern way to store hats and also one that takes up a lot of space, as most real hat wearers don't have a shelf to display their hats upon. However, this is a unique way to store your hats that will cost you little to no money. But remember to make sure you know how to store the hats on the shelves so that they don’t get misshapen over time!


Help your fellow hat wearers and share more of your tips below. Thanks!