Hat terminology

So, you’re looking for the right hat, but not sure whether you need a fedora, or a trilby or a pork pie? Here we have a pretty extensive list that will hopefully make your journey a bit easier... as well as an added reference of the "parts" of a hat (so you don't get your 'brim' confused with your 'peak'!)

Baseball Cap

Cloth cap with wide brim at the front. Originally a 5-panel cap, worn by baseball players with the team monogram on the front panel.


Soft knit unisex pull-on hat


Cap of felt, felted jersey or fabric with soft, wide, circular crown. With or without a headband.

Bird Cage

A small hat with stiffened veiling surrounding the wearer’s face.


Oval, flat-topped hat with rigid flat brim. Typically, made of straw braid. Also called a sailor or a skimmer.


Oval hat with round, rigid crown and modelled brim. Also known as a derby, because the style was made popular by the Earl of Derby in 19th. century England.

Breton or Bretonne

Women’s hat with ample round crown and brim turned-up all around.

Bucket Hat 

Fabric hat with a flat-topped, slightly conical crown sloping brim.


Cap of fur with flaps that can be turned down to cover ears and neck or fastened to the side of the flat-topped crown. 


Women’s hat with round crown and modeled brim. Current usage of women’s hat of the 1920’s close-fitting round crown, with no brim or a small flare at the brim edge.

Fascinator (or Cocktail Hat)

A fascinator is a head piece commonly made with feathers, flowers, jewels or beads that attaches to the hair by a comb, headband or clip. 


Felt hat with a lengthwise crease in the crown, and a medium brim.

Flat cap

A rounded men's or women's cap with a small stiff brim in front.

Forage Cap

Military cap with a small brim, also typical for police uniforms.


Men’s felt hat with a soft lengthwise crease in the crown. And a narrow slightly rolled brim. Made popular in the 1890’s by Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), who borrowed the idea from the hat of local militiamen in Bad Homburg, Germany.


Large, soft, 8-panel fabric cap with visor.

Panama Hat

Straw hat made with panama cloche


A small brimless cap with a flat tip and cylindrical side.

Poor-boy Cap or Newsboy Cap

Large, soft, 6 or 8 panel fabric cap with visor and peak snap. Sometimes with ear flaps.

Porkpie Hat

Style made popular during the 19th. century, it has a round, flat-topped crown and a small brim turned up all around

Stocking Cap or Bobble Hat

Knitted cap, usually conical, often finished with a pompom.


A soft felt men's hat with a deeply indented crown and a narrow brim often upturned at the back. 


Women’s head-dress resembling men’s turbans.


Cloth, often transparent, or netting used to cover the head and/or the face, for women’s head-dress. 


A partial brim, usually extending out at the front of a hat or cap. Also known as a peak.

Anatomy of a fedora


Source: The Fedora Lounge