About us

Tetyana is a Ukrainian that grew up in New York. She is a novelist, writes freelance for a variety of publications, has photographed street style for fashion magazines, and was the editor of an accessories website in New York. Tom is an Englishman that grew up in his parents' London hat shop (and now runs a successful media business).

In 2012, they both had an idea. They wanted to try and create a small company that brought together simple and cool headwear and accessories with friendly service and stylish content. It took a bit of experimentation to find the best styles, and eventually, they found what they themselves loved to wear: unisex, warm and super stylish headwear and gloves. Also, being the parents of three children, they wanted something that was well-made and hard wearing. 

All their products are manufactured in a small company in Germany, and the materials are 100% pure: pure merino wool, pure cotton. No strange mix of random stuff. The styles are not only hard-wearing and travel-friendly, but they're one size fits all, and suit everyone.

Basically, their philosophy is when you buy something, you buy well... but having said that, well-made style shouldn't cost the earth, right? Exactly.

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping!

x Shappos