Our packaging

We always believe that a parcel from Shappos should feel a little bit special, so we've taken some extra care to make our packing a little bit fun whilst being more than a little practical. 


Because many hats are seasonal, you may want to pack them away at certain times of the year and stick them on top of a wardrobe or on a high shelf. So we put all of our structured hats in large, sturdy boxes and provide a heavy duty poly bag to keep out acids, dust and moisture. 






And all of our structured or delicate hats are shipped to you in heavy card packaging and boxes suitable for long term storage. We're very particular about how we store our own things, so we want to make sure your items receive the same kind of care.



This will keep your toppers in tip-top shape, and your accessories looking and feeling as new as when you purchased them. 

Click here if you want to find out more tips and hints about hat storage and care.